Procurement software

Procurement software is business software

NMO yes come Taylor I was it would place it was his manager and full committee for coach so she isn't going to say to him today so conscientious was a commercial company that was born in 2000 and both last year thanks to a full. At prices that we would shed procurement software for local governments.

And so back in 2009 those a local friendly open isolation. 6-district council and the county council across Cheshire form to me a big councils I shed service. I'm at the time but we have ads. I say that yesterday over 10 saves souls have help desks. Multiple set different toes in place. In the face 12 home sweet consolidates impulses out apostles on just one to. However, as the years of going forwards. It is not fit for purpose for what we wear is a companion and organize action.

So I just want to go free today is the kind of steps that we went through and here we actually won inspire save on the services the STI were able to provides to help us get through that journey on phase won't actually goes live next week. So it's been a really maybe fruitful and we've got the real benefits of opinion experts and.

I know it sounds daft that we need to understand your business and business model. So the chill that we selected in 2010 wasn't fit for purpose as we were in 2015. I mean you out because we were moving into a commercial company.

 In addition, we were going to bring the pink inane hate charm finance as well wish I'd say and become a single self postal. So all complacent was great to face the may last year. We supported over 10 hall files and uses at over 300 skills. It wasn't just I'd say that we will rock and it definitely wants to bring HIM financing so we have to really understand what led requirements was for the company a malicious cheesecake vision was over the next 5 years so we set ourselves a free to 5 year.

Go on target to say this is the tool that we're going to be using for the next 5 years. That chill desk, as got 19 analysts associates to it were a full technical from Basque. So they needed to have that information in real time data right to the phones. We changed it from of face time fixed right about 20 percent. In 2009 see I am currently almost 70 fives 8 cents and we need to be able to. Do a channel shift from taking people who would for EE floated in and we have an awful high volume of people he was still sends emails.

We wanted Yeltsin advocate out a private on down the dissociative porcelain. Therefore, as I say we need to understand stepped say will understand your business requirements what is what you want to be able to die. So we operated a large volume of different systems we have one system at that instant management problem management we have a separate safe in that the change an access database my eyesight that did majority faucets we just pull a knife CCM so we had more systems we had Scone.

So a means for the unknown that would on the list went on and on to be honest. And. Therefore, we have to know what it was that we once did she from this new system to. So we wanted a fully integrated tale to join you know all savings. To lose one single source the tree for the information that was coming out. Procurement software is business software that helps to automate the purchasing function of organizations.

Too many dashboards for reports and. In addition, you know you just don't know why you all with that kind of thing. The big one was to enable our customers to have online service catalog we revolver is a company with sex offers a commercial business we're starting to transition to my service provider so we needed to actually be able to present how to a question is what we did and what they were able to request from most.

And to enable effort is to change the way which all customers contact that is a business. We wanted to move away from the OIT kind of service desk a move into that shared service portal of cooking tools it is one stops that shop. You get you hate show you finance.

Yet I save old among position. The actual Bolivia it just that might seem an obvious statement see understand your business requirements but. Basically if you think about it if you produce a spike or an RFP that it's just a list of technical requirements that's no business requirements so you know that. The fact that what we see is a lot people still producing those kind of spanks. It is really important to start where your business is going to make that clear because it makes the whole project much more. Clarified and more likely to succeed I would say.